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“Fadolinka 2.0” new CD - Maja Milinković


The new album by the singer and composer of Fado and Sevdah, born in Sarajevo, Maja Milinković has been available on all streaming platforms since May 5th. “Fadolinka 2.0” presents a dozen songs that perfectly evoke his musical aesthetic, with lyrics that provoke strong emotions, surrounded by rich melodies and impressive vocals. This new work, whose physical CD will be available from next week, continues the “Fadolinka“ released in 2019 and which, as can be guessed from the name, combines Maja’s two musical passions: Fado and Sevdah (or Sevdalinka).


“For me, each album is like a new era, the birth of emotions that were boiling in my veins, a new breath of understanding of the world and the people around me. When the final studio mix was delivered to me, I listened to it alone in my living room, with headphones, and I was surprised by my own tears... of joy, of tiredness, but also of great pride. I was really surprised by my emotion, because this is not my first work, it is the 7th album of my career. It's also not my first work with 100% originals. After having released “Kaftan d'Alma” in 2021, I didn't intend to release a new album so soon! But he came as an “unplanned child” who brought so much excitement and joy. It all started with the release of the single 'Sarajevo u duši mi spavaš' a year ago and hasn't stopped since. And I'm glad I didn't “get” to stop. That moment when I heard the final work was the answer to so many personal questions, and the unexpected tears were confirmation that it was worth it. And it will be even more worth it for every stronger beat in the hearts of people who hear the new songs, which feel like they are feeding their souls. In the end, this work of mine is for those who will listen to it. What is music without anyone to listen to it? A silent note on paper. It will be worth it if it brings joy too.” – said Maja.


The album's release was preceded by the singles “Žena što trči s vukovima” (The woman who runs with the wolves), the hometown track “Sarajevo u duši mi spavaš” (Sarajevo, you sleep in my soul) and the remix which brings modernity to the successful fado composed by Maja “There is no fado without saudade”. In “Fadolinka 2.0” we also find “Kad dunja zamiriše” (When the quince perfumes), the song that Maja will perform at the Split Festival, on July 2nd. “Fadolinka 2.0” has the seal of Croatia Records, the largest label in the Balkans, also responsible for publishing the previous album “Kaftan d'Alma”, and the graphic design is by the award-winning Split duo Kazinoti & Komenda.

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